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iOS Engineer

We are looking for an iOS Engineer to work on our app used by millions


About our workflow

We believe that software is gardening. We trust each other to make good decisions, to provide and accept constructive feedback. Collaboration is the key to making a great product.

We want to build solutions are long-lasting. This means writing code that is maintainable instead of quick fixes. Our products are constantly changing so our tech should be able to handle that. We believe that when code isn’t tested it’s legacy code. We understand that it sometimes takes time and a lot of hard thinking, but it’s worth it.

We try to give back to the community by open sourcing some of our tools. We build everything in a modular way, so that we can open source parts of apps. Last year, we published two projects that are part of our iOS app on GitHub and we’re planning to share even more.

What you’ll be doing

Mobile is “eating the world”. The world is shifting to mobile, and so are we. It’s a unique platform which calls for a distinct approach: the challenges and opportunities are different.

On the desktop, we solve a problem straightforwardly and elegantly. Big files aren’t a big deal on mobile, so we decided to do something different within the realm of WeTransfer, which is all about sharing creative work. We enable people to collect the content that’s on their phones and share them. Most apps operate in silos: your videos are on youtube, images on Pinterest, music on Spotify. We believe that great things happen when these are combined, and that’s what our new product does: it allows you to make mixed media boards with anything that’s on your phone.

We recently launched this new app on iOS; it’s a great first step, but obviously, we need to constantly improve it to make the experience even better.

  • You will be working on an app that has a user base of millions.
  • You’ll be open sourcing frameworks that we build internally.
  • You’ll be part of a multidisciplinary product team that includes designers and other developers.

impact the experience of millions of users around the world.

Who we are looking for?

Above all else we value open communication and good teamwork to achieve a shared vision. We are looking for proactivity in spotting problem areas and proposing ideas for improvements.

Someone who:

  • Understands what our users like, and believe in our ethos of keeping things simple
  • Has 3 years experience of building iOS apps
  • Loves Swift over Objective-C
  • Knows the capabilities of the platform inside-out
  • Is very comfortable communicating in written English
  • Has code in the last few years and are comfortable showing it during the interview
  • Does not shy away from open-source work and open discussions on Github

Even better if you have:

  • Experience with Test Driven Development
  • Created a popular repo on GitHub

A little something about us

We are a technology company rooted in the creative industry. Our founders originally worked in design, media and marketing; today we’re lucky to be working with the most creative minds in branding, sales, design, support and engineering.

Our Amsterdam office sits right by the river in the east of the city. We aim for a healthy balance between work and play, from workshops and conference outings to gym memberships and Friday afternoon drinks. We value good food too, from fresh lunches to our never-empty cookie jar.

We believe a diverse company is a better company. Whatever your story, we want to hear from you. Whatever your background, we’ll help you do your best work.

All employees get a €1,000 personal development budget every year to learn new skills, or improve existing ones.

Like the sound of working with us?

Just hit this link and let us know why you fit the job. Go on, give it a go.

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