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Senior iOS Developer - Payconiq

Job description

I’m not sure if this role is for you, but just imagine yourself at a young fintech startup company- transforming the world of mobile payments.

You would participate in agile product development lifecycles from sprint-planning to retrospective following the Spotify model where you would be part of an agile mobile development team who optimizes and develops new features for the Payconiq native iOS application.

How would you feel if in a few months time you are working closely with development teams and are successfully delivering amazing user experience through Simple, Secure and Reliable mobile solutions? You will use the latest technologies like Swift4, Cocoa, Objective-C, Xcode, and reactive programming and write modular, scalable and reusable code. You’re sure that your code is of high quality because you love writing unit tests. Is it challenging enough? Do you know better tools, bring them on!

How would you feel being a senior iOS developer of a mobile payment solution which has an impact on people and expands in all of Europe? Yes; scale & impact because that’s what Payconiq all about; 4 countries, ~800.000 downloads, ~1.5 million successful transactions.

You’ve just imagined it all and now you’re asking yourself: What Happens Next? Before you make your mind up, what do you know about us, our business and the way in which we do things differently?

We take a future-oriented approach to payments. It is our mission to become the most wanted mobile payment connection in all of Europe. We pair determination and knowledge with action to reach our goal.

We encourage our people to take a creative and personal approach to their challenges and to develop alongside our rapidly growing organization. We know that our people are everything.

That means, we do our best to foster an environment where everyone can be successful and feel proud of their contributions. We live our values Bold, Honest, Playful, Human and Simple because it brings Energy, Excellence, Agility, Empowerment and Integrity.


Now that we told you about us, can you introduce yourself? Hopefully this starts with…

“As an experienced iOS Developer, I’m confident with iOS application development using iOS SDK and technologies like Objective-C, Swift and Xcode. I’m more than aware of best practices of mobile security and hardening. I cannot wait to learn the next technology in my stack. I believe that testing is crucial and I definitely have a test-driven mindset and experience with functional testing frameworks and with A/B testing too.

I have substantial experience in the software industry, building/implementing mobile solutions and I have worked in a dynamic fast changing work environment.

I feel comfortable learning, sharing and gaining a different set of skills as I believe: if all team members will know a bit of many things and are proficient in some, it will make every team stronger.

I like working closely with both back-end developers and UX designers. I care a lot about users because I’m aware that responsive design and optimizing performance helps in product success.

I solve problems methodically with confidence and with attention to detail. I’m not overwhelmed when my colleagues challenge the status quo and make suggestions. I have strong verbal and written communication skills. Besides all of that, I’m a nice person to hang out with.

Just out of curiosity, is this introduction about you?

Do you still need more information? Don’t worry, we understand that you may not know what to do right now, you like what you read, but you still have more questions before you decide to move forward. But that’s what Eva our lovely Engineer of Human Resources is here for. She is here to help you go through this process and overcome any hurdles that pop up along the way … Our founders also weren’t sure when they started and look at us today ~100 people, ~ 35 cultures, ~ 60 engineers. And with the support and encouragement of big banks, the sky is the limit!

The Good News is that if you have read this far, we’ll bet you’re a bit like us:

  • you’re excited about changing the way people pay and you like the sound of our mission: “The most wanted payment connection in all of Europe.”
  • you like the fact that your job is paid well and 55-70K brut annually would be enough for you.
  • you’re a tech-savvy person who loves to get everything done by using and creating tools for speeding up development and making robust products more reliable with the best equipment you need to make happen!
  • you strive for continuous personal and professional development every day and you would use the training budget of 5% of your annual gross salary without any hesitation.
  • you are looking forward to the future like us, especially with the help of our pension plan.
  • you like going to work every morning and you like it more because of the .19 cents per kilometer we will pay you to get here.
  • you like MarioKart, air hockey, table tennis, darts or nerf gun battles while enjoying tostis and some fresh fruit on the side.
  • last but not least, you like to celebrate when things go well, and you are excited to have drinks and snacks with us Payconians every Friday.

If you are prepared to give this a try, then we are certain you will be happy at Payconiq even before the first day you start.

And if you like, you can check out our culture video or our summer boat event to get an even better idea of who we are!

Contact Eva here!

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